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Tarte Suisse Aux Pommes

Bonjour mes belles,

I was originally going to wait until Friday to share this recipe with you but after posting a photo on instagram yesterday, I have had some requests for the recipe.
Yesterday was a rainy day in SW France and I thought that I would use a Paul Bocuse recipe as a mark of respect as he passed away at the weekend aged 91 and he really was the King when it comes to French cooking, 3 michelin stars is hard to beat in my humble opinion.

Whilst searching for a suitable recipe I  stumbled across this recipe and thought French Boyfriend would like it. He has munched his way through half of the tarte and informs me that  it is one of the best things that I have EVER made...

Note is appears in French with the English version below.

Tarte suisse aux pommes

Auteur: Samar
Type de Recette: Tarte
Cuisine: Francaise

Temps de Prep:  10 mins
Temps de cuisson:  35 mins
temps Total:  45 mins

Servir: 4

75 gr de beurre mou a température ambiante
75 gr de sucre
100 gr de farine
2 œufs
3 belles…

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