Thursday, 29 April 2010

Friday again.....

{beautiful peonies -pivoines in French, at a local flower market}

I cannot believe that it is Friday already. Another week has whizzed past again, I am hoping that next week moves more slowly as then I can get more done.

Does anyone know how to slow down time, if so, please let me know how to do this.

Wishing you all a weekend full of beautiful things/Je vous souhaite à tous un week-end plein de belles choses..

L x

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

J'adore Etsy....

Where would we all be without etsy? I cannot imagine life without it and think that it has given "we" women a place to trade and make friends all over the world.

A couple of months ago I saw some fabulous cushions on etsy and thought that they would be perfect for one of our rooms at Maison No. 20.

So I contacted the owner of the etsy shop, the lovely Clara and asked if she could make me some "special" cushions for Maison No.20.

And here they are.........

I really adore them as they are a bit different to what is on offer here in France.

Clara and Marcela also have a fabulous blog, which I enjoy visiting regularly.

You girls are going to laugh at this bit, after taking the photos of the room, I decided that I did not really like the chandelier and that it would look better with a vintage black metal one that has leaves and crystals hanging down.

Luckily I already have one that I found at a vide grenier a couple of weeks ago so I have spent a couple of hours cleaning itthis afternoon, it was hard to clean and think that the previous owner decided that it was easier to sell it than clean it!

{the chandelier that I want to replace}

So now I just need to figure out a way of breaking this to Mr. FF, I feel that I may need to "butter" him up, so any ideas on how I best go about doing this.....

Signed L (the woman that likes to change her mind now & then)
p.s. Mille mercis for all the fabulous ironing tips!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Lavage et repassage......

{Lavage de cerveau =Brain wash}

The vide grenier/brocante season has started in earnest which means that most weekends there are many of these taking place and it is a matter of making a decision as to whether or not it will be a good one based on previous experiences.

As you already know vide grenier translates to empty attic and in the past it has been sellers selling off items that have been sitting around the house, often in the attic gathering dust.

Nowdays you tend to get a lot of brocanteurs who are professional dealers selling their often over priced wares and this does take the edge of the vide grenier.

The main difference between a vide grenier and a brocante is that you must be a licensed brocanteur to sell at a brocante.

Early on Sunday morning we went to a vide grenier 5kms from our house. It was fabulous looking at all the interesting items on offer and I have to say that it was a real one with only a couple of professional dealers.

Along with a few other items, I found some fabulous table cloths and napkins so spent a lot of yesterday washing and ironing gorgeous linen.

{One of my finds, it has a fabulous monogramme complete with petit flowers in the centre}

Although I find ironing sheets a little tedious at times, I enjoy ironing and folding anique linen.

I use eau de linge (ironing water) which is made from white flowers and it makes the house smell divine.

What about you? Do you also use ironing water and do you have any ironing secrets that you would like to share?

I am now off to photograph my precious ironed and washed objects of desire and then find a place for it in my shop downstairs......

A bientot,

L x

p.s. I loved the photo as it seems relevant at present :-)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

The secret language of antique hand fans...

There is something about antique hand fans (eventail in French)that I adore and the more that I read about them, the more interested I become.

I found a fabulous one yesterday that dates back to the 1880's and am sure that it could tell a tale or two.

In earlier times hand fans were used to communicate. And in fact, the role of the fan was not only for cooling, or as a fly swatter or fire-bellows.

It was also the supreme instrument of silent communication.

As Sir Richard Steele, in the “Tatler” of 4 August 1709, wrote: “You may observe in all public Assemblies the sexes seems to separate themselves and to attack each other with eye-shot, that is the time when the fan, which is the armour of woman, is of most use in her defence, for our minds are constructed by the waving of that little instrument, and our thoughts appear in composure or agitation according to the motion of it.”

In earlier times, an infinite variety of meaning could be found in the motion and flutter of a hand fan. Some examples:

Carrying in the right hand:You are too willing

Carrying in the left hand, open:Come and talk to me

Carrying in the right hand, in front of the face:Follow me

Carrying in the left hand, in front of the face:Desirous for acquaintance

Clasping the hands under the open fan:Forgive me, I pray you

Cover the left ear with the open fan:Do not betray our secret

Drawing through the hand:I hate you

Drawing across the cheek:I love you

Drawing across the eyes:I am sorry

Drawing across the forehead:You have changed

Dropping the fan:We will be friends

Fanning slowly:I am married

Fanning quickly:I am engaged

Gazing pensively at the shut fan:Why do you misunderstand me?

Letting it rest on the right cheek:Yes

Letting it rest on the left cheek:No

Placing behind the head:Do not forget me

With the little finger extended:Goodbye

Open and shut:You are cruel

Open wide:Wait for me

Placing it on the left ear:I wish to get rid of you

Presented shut:Do you love me?

Presenting a number of sticks, fan apart, opened:At what hour?

Shut fully-opened fan very slowly:I promise to marry you

Shut fan held to the heart:You have won my love

Shut fan resting on the right eye:When may I be allowed to see you?

Threaten with the shut fan:Do not be so imprudent

Touching the unfolded fan in the act of waving:I long always to be near you

Touching tip with finger:I wish to speak to you

Twirling in the left hand:I love an other

With handle to lips:Kiss me

I am not so sure that the silent language is for me and am sure that had I been alive in the 1880's a fan may have landed me in all kinds of mischief but in the other hand may have been easier than replying in French.

i.e. how many languages do you know where you can say I love you and then add an additional word and it means I like you a lot

Je t'aime = I love you
Je t'aime bien - I like you a lot

On that note I am off to do my French homework,
L x
p.s. If anyone wants to practise, I have the antique and also fabulous French fan listed in my shop....

Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy Pink Saturday......

{image from here}

Happy, happy Pink Saturday. Where did the week go? I do not know about yours but mine whooshed past tres vite.

As you can see from the above photo, I am still obsessed by the fabulous and oh so french 2CV.

This week I would like to introduce you to a newish Pink Saturday participant, the gorgeous Erika who is the owner of the very interesting blog called Le monde d' Erika.

Erika was born and raised in Romania, in a Hungarian family, but like many of us, including moi, is French at heart.

She is an International Relations student, with a dream of opening small store in the future, selling recycled, beautified furniture and different decorating objects.

She loves to create, to paint, to sketch, to craft, to write and to design. She also likes to try different styles,and be one step ahead of the pack and also likes to be inspired by a bygone era.

{some of Erika's gorgeous creations}

Erika's motto is "Live simply, live beautifully", a girl after my own heart. For more on Erika, please click here.

Finally, I am sending each of you a bouquet of pink roses, I do hope that you like them...

I am sure that they smell just as nice as they look!

Wishing you all a fabulous pink Saturday and do not forget to visit Beverly's blog for a list of all of this week's Pink Saturday participants.

L x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Friday Flowers/Vendredi fleurs.....

I love this time of the year in SW France as everyone emerges from their deep sleep and becomes alive again. The shutters on the houses are flung open and flowers start appearing in window boxes and on window sills of the houses in our village.

It is also "marché aux fleurs" time of the year when all the villages have flower/plant markets and I can think of nothing nicer than spending a Sunday morning strolling around a fabulous village admiring the flowers and just enjoying village life in general.

Of course, what I like even more is when they combine the marché aux fleurs with a vide grenier - my idea of French heaven.

Je vous souhaite à tous un beau week-end plein de bonheur et peut-être des fleurs.............

L x

ps The kitchen is progressing, the interior walls are almost all up now and Mr FF is demolishing part of the old ceiling and putting in a new window. As the locals say doucement....

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Introducing a French bear called Pierre.....

I would like to introduce you to Pierre, a very dapper French bear. The familiar term for a teddy bear in French is "nounours".

Pierre loves to hear his light blue coat, navy cape and oh so french flat peaked cap.

The Pierre teddy bear range is part of our new product range for Spring 2010 and consists of the following fabulous products:

Pyjama bag (10 euros + postage)......

"Ma Chambre" door hanger (6 euros + postage).......

And last but by no means least, Pierre himself (15 euros + postage)..

Also new for Spring 2010 is the Brocante range which consists of french style gorgeous greeting cards, tea towels and a fabulously practical tote bag.

May 2010 will see the arrival of more fabulous Petit Coterie cushions, which I adore and I have used them in a couple of the Maison No. 20 bedrooms.

I have just had Mr FF come up and ask where I want the sink in the new kitchen as he is building walls at present so needs to know what is going where so I had better fly,

A demain mes belle amis,
L x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Work has commenced......

{Image from here}

I mentioned yesterday that Mr FF has commenced work on the room that is going to house our new kitchen and dining room so I am getting really exciting and making sure that in my own mind I know what I want.

Yesterday while we were in Bordeaux, we popped into Ikea and I bought a magnetic knive holder so this is a step in the right direction.

So far I have bought:

*Fabulous red letters that spell out the word "C U I S I NE "that you can see in the photo above.

*Carmague Cushion cover from Toast for the window seat

*Antique light fitting for the dining area

{image from here}

*Antique Oak dining table, which I am going to distress and paint the bottom half of.

*Antique oak chairs which I am going to paint white.

*Vendange tapestry - this has lots of red in it and red is going to be my accent colour.

*Plate rack - not sure where I will use this but it was on sale a while ago and I thought that it would be good.

We are not having upper cupboards so I need to ensure that I have enough space elsewhere in the room but will be having some open shelves.

*White ceramic sink

*Clock for above one of the doors

*Stainless steel cooking range

Which just! leaves me with the following to buy....

*Kitchen - oak which I am going to paint

*Tap - typically french in style and the same as the one that we have used in the other apartments.

*Dish washer - stainless steel I think at this stage :-)

*Kitchen island for the centre of the room

*Kitchen stools - I really want a pair of antique ones but may have to settle for a new pair if I cannot find any that I like.

*Stainless steel fridge/freezer

*Floor tiles, we are using the same ones that we have in the entrance and in the showroom so I am hoping that they have them in stock.

{Entrance - Maison No. 20}
Think that is about it for now, I am off as I need to post off some fabulously french orders and after that will be assisting Mr FF today. Not sure how long this will last as I am not the best at receiving orders and prefer to "give" them.

Je vous souhaite à tous un mardi fabuleux,

L x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Paris on a shoestring.....

{image from here}

Spotted this article in today's online version of the English "Telegraph" newspaper and thought that it was worth sharing......


Paris on a shoestring

We highlight 25 great ways to enjoy the French capital for next to nothing.

Published: 8:00AM BST 18 Apr 2010

1 Whoever said there was no such thing as a free dinner has never been to La Choppe on Friday and Saturday nights from 8.30pm, when Samir, the honourable owner, serves lashings of flavourful Moroccan couscous (with all the trimmings) to anyone who’s bought a drink (around €4/£3.50). It’s immensely popular so get there at least an hour in advance.

40 Rue de Clignancourt, 75018; 0033 1 4606 2010. Métro: Château Rouge.

2 A stone’s throw from Les Halles (just north of the main red-light district), La Cordonnerie is a favourite with a young crowd who fight for elbow room and listen to the occasional concert while tucking into free couscous and sauces, doled out in large portions most Thursday and Saturday nights at 8.30pm. The beer is cheap, too.

142 Rue Saint-Denis, 75002; 4028 9535. Métro: Etienne Marcel.

3 The only thing that sets Ala Bière apart from any other corner brasserie is its unbeatable €14 fixed-price menu: Lyonnaise sausage, tender steak, hand-cut frites and delicious chocolate mousse. Wash it down with a beer.

104 Ave Simon Bolivar, 75019; 4239 8325. Daily midday-3pm, 7pm-1.30am. Métro: Colonel Fabien.

4 In a part of town where nothing else is cheap, Brussels Café provides a breath of fresh air. But don’t head to the area with tablecloths – head straight for the bar, where a few tables have been put aside for people to enjoy bar snacks, including copious portions of moules-frites (mussels and fries) for €12.80 or sauerkraut, and an excellent €19 prix-fixe menu. There are six types of beer on tap.

71 Blvd Exelmans, 75016; 4651 2433. Daily 11am-11pm. Métro: Michel-Ange Molitor.

5 The Franco-German Café Titon has East Berlin prices going for it – the currywurst (curry sausages and fries) at just €5.50 won’t leave you with space for anything other than a beer at €3.50. On the French side, the excellent cheap lunch menu (€10 for the plat du jour and a coffee) might include chicken Caesar salad or spare ribs with rice and stir-fried veg and gooey chocolate moelleux for just €4.90 extra.

34 Rue Titon, 75011; 09 5317 9410; Mon-Sat 8am-2am. Métro: Faidherbe-Chaligny or Rue des Boulets.

6 The Centre International BVJ Paris-Louvre is a 207-bed hostel with modern amenities, run by the Bureau des Voyages de la Jeunesse. Rooms are much cleaner than the average hostel and you can’t beat the location close to the Louvre. Bedclothes are provided but not towels.

20 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001; 5300 9090;; €31 double; €29 dorms (4-10 beds). Rates include breakfast. Métro: Louvre-Rivoli.

7 St Christopher’s Inn is a British youth-hostel chain that has helped gentrify a stretch of the Canal de l’Ourcq, sprucing up an old hangar with funky décor and offering unbeatable prices in its bar. It offers excellent marine-themed bedrooms and dorms for an average of €26 per person. There are single-sex and mixed dorms, so stipulate when you book.

159 Rue de Crimée, 75019; 4034 3440;; €12-€28 (occasional special offers) dorm; €37.50-€50 double. Métro: Crimée.

8 Le Village Hostel is in a great location on the hip side of Montmartre. Some rooms have amazing views over the Sacré Coeur. It lets you choose between standard dorms, bedrooms (doubles to quads) and studios with their own kitchen area.

20 Rue d’Orsel, 75018; 4264 2202;; €28-€35 dorm for 3-8; €35-€45 double; €32-€38 triple; €28-€30 quad; €35 studio. Métro: Anvers.

9 Alcôve & Agapes is a b&b booking service with more than 100 addresses throughout central Paris, with a wide variety of hosts, from bohemian artists and housewives to super-grannies and business folk who are away a lot.

4485 0605; Doubles start at €79.

10 Eccentric and kitted out with flea market finds, funky Hôtel Eldorado is also a coveted address among locals who come for the cheap Bistro des Dames and pretty, sheltered courtyard. The cheapest rooms share bathrooms and lavatories.

18 Rue des Dames, 75017; 4522 3521;; €70-€80 double. Métro: Place de Clichy.

11 The founders of Club Med opened Mama Shelter in 2008. It has décor by Philippe Starck and a hip location in the up-and-coming St-Blaise quartier in the 20th. Each room has an iMac computer, CD and DVD player, and free Wi-Fi. Book a saver rate online.

109 Rue de Bagnolet, 75020; 4348 4848; Doubles from €90. Métro: Alexandre Dumas or Porte de Bagnolet.

12 Music lovers of all sorts meet over a swift bière or three at L’International, revered for its eclectic programme of live music that includes chanson, rock, indie, pop, electro, hip hop and folk.

5/7 Rue Moret, 75011; 4929 7645.

€1 open-air film festival

13 Drive-ins are logistically not possible in Paris, but picnic-ins are. Between mid-July and mid-August, just €1 gets you into the Parc de la Villette’s Cinema en Plein Air film festival, where cult movies are projected onto Europe’s biggest inflatable movie screen and locals turn up in their thousands, picnic basket and blankets in hand.

Prairie du Triangle, 211 Ave Jean Jaurès, 75019.

Half-price theatre
14 Paris might not be Broadway or the West End, but it has a thriving theatre scene that sees everything from slapstick French comedy to experimental dance, absurdist drama and classic vaudeville. Le Kiosque Théâtre, at place de la Madeleine (75008), place des Ternes (75011) and in front of the Montparnasse train station (75014), sells half-price tickets for same-night shows.

Free debate
15 Once a month at 9pm, France’s law courts open to the general public for live debates with French celebrities. Its origins go back to the Revolution, but the subjects addressed are wholly modern and often flippant: “Does confidence reign?”, for example. Arrive at least an hour beforehand to get a seat.

Conference Berryer au Palais de Justice, 4 Blvd du Palais, 75004; 4549 6760; Métro: Cité.

Free classical music lunch
16 On Thursday lunchtimes the exquisite Petit Palais, which, apart from being a top-notch fine arts museum, holds free lunchtime music concerts in conjunction with the Radio France programme D’Une Rive à l’Autre (12.30pm-1.30pm, October-June).

Ave Winston Churchill, 75008; 5343 4000.

Free Ballet
17 When in gai Paris, one must embrace the literati. Nowhere can you rub shoulders with more of them so enjoyably than at the Opéra Garnier, the iconic 19th-century structure that inspired the tale of the Phantom of the Opera, the structure of which is frequently likened to a wedding cake. While the upper crust pays for the top spots (around €80-€100), cheap seats can be bought from €5.

Place de l’Opéra, 75009; 08 9289 9090.

Free lectures
18 You won’t find a finer setting for your free lectures than the majestic College de France. Neither will you find a more impressive crop of experts teaching the public subjects, including astrophysics, philosophy, maths and medieval literature.

11 Place Marcelin Berthelot, 75005; 4427 1211.

Free dance classes
19 From June to September the banks of the Seine below the Institut du Monde Arabe become an open-air dance floor for wannabe dirty-dancers who come to learn salsa, Argentinian tango and rock-and-roll.

Square Tino Rossi, 75005;

Sport & wellness
Free bike tour

20 Every Friday at 9.30pm, about 300 nighthawks gather in front of the Mairie de Paris on their bicycles for a three-hour nocturnal sightseeing tour.

Hôtel de Ville, 75004;

Free work outs
21 Attractive is France’s first sports shop dedicated to women, but that doesn’t mean that men can’t take advantage of the free hour-long mixed stretching, muscle-toning and running lessons held every Saturday (meet at 10.45am in the boutique) in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

123 Rue de Rennes, 75006; 4222 1149; Sat 10.45am. Métro: Saint-Placide or Rennes.

22 At 9am almost every day, Master Thoï Tin Cau gives free, hour-long Qi Gong lessons in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, next to the Café Weber (south of rue Botzaris), or a sheltered square elsewhere in the park if it’s raining. If the Master thinks you’re good enough, you can stay on until 11am and practise t’ai chi.

Métro: Botzaris.


23 Join about 30 devotees each week for an hour and a half of sweet vacuity at the Centre Kalachakra. A donation of about €5 is appreciated.

Passage Delessert, 75010. 4005 0222; Métro: Château-Landon.


24 The L’Association de Décontraction à la Française practises “street massage” at the place de la Contrescarpe in the 5th and sometimes on the bridges around Notre Dame, for nothing. It couldn’t be simpler: on warm evenings, find them (usually after 7pm), pull up a chair and spend 10 minutes in bliss. Tips appreciated.

Métro: Monge.


25 Phone plenty of time in advance if you want a free pedicure from a final-year student at the Ecole Superieure de Masseurs-Kinésithérapeutes et Pedicures – it’s hugely popular. A €5 contribution is appreciated.

17 Rue de Liège, 75009; 4674 6287; Métro: Liège.

Best free concerts

Music-lovers of all sorts meet over a swift bière or three at L’International (5/7 rue Moret, 75011; 0033 1 4929 7645), revered for its eclectic programme of live music that includes chanson, rock, indie, pop, electro, hip hop and folk. It’s a welcome addition to the scene, with free entry and a host of exciting bands.

Best open-air film festival

Drive-ins are logistically not possible in Paris, but picnic-ins are. Between mid-July and mid-August, just €1 gets you into the Parc de la Villette’s Cinema en Plein Air film festival (Prairie du Triangle, 211 ave Jean-Jaurès, 75019), where cult movies are projected onto Europe’s biggest inflatable movie screen and locals turn up in their thousands, picnic basket and blankets in hand.

Best place for half-price theatre tickets

Paris might not be Broadway or the West End, but it’s got a thriving theatre scene that sees everything from slapstick French comedy to experimental dance, absurdist drama and classic vaudeville. Le Kiosque Théâtre, at place de la Madeleine (75008), place des Ternes (75011) and in front of the Montparnasse train station (75014) sells half-price tickets for same-night shows.

Best free jazz awards ceremony

Le Sunset-Sunside (60 Rue des Lombards, 75001; 4026 4660) has seen more great jazz musicians pass through its door since 1983 than most Parisians have had hot croissants. In early September a few more of them – up-and-comers, mostly – fight it out here over three free nights.

Best free radio gig

Journalist Isabelle Dhordain invites three of France’s top popsters for a live radio show of mix 'n’ match chanson, pop and rock. The Pont des Artistes is open to the public most Wednesdays and is a fine occasion to see .


Wishing you all a fabulous week, I am off to Bordeaux again early in the morning to see some suppliers with my friend, who is the owner of a fabulous gift shop in the village where we live so will be leaving Mr FF "home alone" as he is starting work on our new kitchen, which is music to my ears but the pressure is on me to tell him what I want and where I want it :-)- I am sure that you all know what this is like!
L x

Saturday, 17 April 2010

I have painting on the brain....

I do not know what it is about today, but I just want to paint everything in sight. I am hoping that is a short term illness and not a terminal one.

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend,
L x

Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday flowers....

{pansies basking in the sun this morning , Maison No. 20}

Another week flies past and voila it's Friday again. The sun is still shining here in SW France and the forecast is for lots of sun this weekend.

Unfortunately we are going to be working on the house most of the weekend but are hoping to squeeze a vide grenier in, early Sunday morning.

Today I found a website for a company that hires vespas, not far from us so I am thinking that this would be a fun thing to do one weekend.

There is even a company that hires hot air balloons, I have put this on my list of things that I want to do, when we have finished working on the house, note I say "when" we have finished.

So what are you doing this weekend? Working or playing?

What ever your plans are, hope that you have a fabulous one!

L x

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Coco avant Chanel.......

Yesterday afternoon after finishing my painting, I decided to treat myself to the luxury of watching a girly DVD before Mr FF returned from work.

I decided that by watching the movie in French, it would also double as French homework.

What a fabulous movie, I loved everything about it - the fabulous and oh so french houses, gorgeous costumes and the fabulous and chic Coco. I love the word "coco", it somehow rolls of the top of your tongue.

The attention to detail is fabulous, what fun they must have had working on this movie set.

Love the tables, chairs and gorgeous lamps. Not forgetting how fabulous Audrey Tautou looks in this chic outfit.....

Simply fabulous, in every sense of the word!

I love everything in this photo, books, couch, fabulous suit and gorgeous shoes.....tres chic!

I do not want to give too much away in case any of you have not already seen this fabulous movie, but it is safe to say that I shed a tear and her life reminded me somewhat of Edith Piaf's who also suffered a great loss and never fully recovered.

They say that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved, but such loss must make one very, very sad or as they say in French "très triste".

Did you like the movie as much as I did?

L x

p.s. I am back to painting this movie for me today!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Painting results......

This morning was one of those mornings, you know the kind where nothing goes the way you planned it.

I went to take some photos of the things that I have been painting, only to find out the battery was flat.

So here are some photos, albeit a little later than planned......

This dressing table was originally white and gold, I bought it to replace the table that I originally had in my showroom as being kidney shaped it was not very practical as I found out when it came to wrapping large items.

I had two louis style chairs which were originally white so I painted these in Farrow and Ball's "Charleston Grey" to match my new desk.

Whilst I had the camera out, I took some photos of the Fabulously French showroom to share with you......

Note the cupcakes are faux but don't they look real?

Some vintage salad paniers and new tea towels along with some french school blackboards...

The new perfume box that I told you about yesterday....

This is another new arrival, these fabulous bags can be used as peg bags or storage bags. I am using mine to store items in my wardrobe.

We also have hanging hearts in the same fabric, the fabric is gorgeous and such good quality.

Finally here is a photo of my newly painted desk and chairs.....

I have not had a chance to photograph the other items that I bought at the weekend but will try to take some photos tomorrow. I am now off to paint our new bathroom, not as much fun as painting the desk, I can tell you.

Bon courage a tous,

L x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

It all started with finding a perfume box...

{image - moi}

My morning started like this......
Decide to update online shop, inorder to do so, need to find out some history on an old perfume box that I found at the weekend at a local brocante.

Almost an hour later, I emerge almost an expert on the creation of French perfume!

It turns out that my fabulous find dates back to the 1893 and it would have contained perfumed powder,created by Roger & Gallet, Paris.

The perfume range was derrived from the leaves of French violets, just writing this is making me think of the sweet smell of violets - such a beautiful and delicate flower.

{image - moi}

I even managed to find a photo of the whole range complete with gorgeous satin box, created for an exposition in Paris dated 1901.

{image from here}

The collection is fabulous but at an asking price of 3000 USD is a little out of my reach.

Hence I think that an asking price of 30 euros for my box is a little more affordable. It is available in our online shop, details can be found here.

And to think it all started with finding an antique box......

L x

p.s. I will be back later with some photos of the results of my painting and a few other goodies that I found at the weekend.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Lundi matin....

{Blossoming plum trees and dandelions at our friend's fabulous farm}

I cannot believe that it is already Monday morning, why does the weekend always go so quickly?

The weather here in SW France was fabulous at the weekend and it would appear that the sunshine is here to stay, as the forecast is for lots of sunshine for the next 10 days.

Most of the weekend was spent painting, although we did manage to fit a vide grenier in yesterday morning and a visit to see some friends who we have been neglecting of late.

They have the most fabulous farm, which has even featured in one of Rick Stein's books on France and yesterday the prune trees were looking fabulous covered in blossom.

Yesterday our friend; Michelle was making an aperitif out of dandelions (pissenlits in french), something that I had never heard of until she mentioned it.

All you need to do is gather a whole bunch of dandelion flowers (the big early season blooms work best for this purpose).

Place them in a large jar along with a half cup of sugar, a long strip of lemon peel, and the better part of a bottle of vodka.

After two or three weeks, you can strain out the flowers, leaving you with a bottle of pleasant, herby tasting liqueur that will remind you of summer and give your heart a lift.

I will be back tomorrow with some photos of what I have been busy painting.

Note there is no cake left in the house so I may just have to whip a couple up this week, so if anyone has a fabulous cake recipe please let me know as Mr FF has a very sweet tooth and as we all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

Je vous souhaite à tous un fabuleux et très bonne semaine,

L x

Friday, 9 April 2010

My motto for the weekend is......

{image from here}

What do you think? Is this a good motto for the week-end?

L x

ps Mr FF has bought me a new paint roller, so 3 guesses what I am going to be doing this weekend.....

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Vide Grenier/Brocante season begins...

Yes it is that time of the year again, the weather is warming up, the blossom is blooming and the locals are cleaning out their favourite time of the year!

After many months of waiting, the long awaited guide to ALL vide greniers and brocantes in our area has been published by one of the local tourist offices. You can find it here.

Anyone fancy a long weekend hunting for fabulous antiques in the sunny Dordogne? If so, you know where to come.

Note an early start is required in order to get the bargains and you can even catch a lift with us if you want.

Speaking of bargains I am updating my online shop today so you may just find a few here.

Je vous souhaite à tous un mercredi belle,

L x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Oh la la I have a new top......

{images from here}

Today it is hot and sunny so what a great excuse to wear my new top.

Can you believe that I had to wait 6 weeks to get this t-shirt as they were sold out in France. It would seem that even the French love the Eiffel tower as much as we "étrangers" do.

A demain,

L x

Monday, 5 April 2010

Spring has arrived...

{Fabuleux Printemps - Dordogne, SW France}

Spring has finally arrived and today the sun is out, and there is not a cloud to be seen.

But there is a big black cloud over Maison No. 20 as the fabulous vintage basins that I bought for our new bathroom have perished washers which means that Mr FF is far from happy at present as everytime that he turns the water on, water appears from the most unexpected places.

I am supposed to be painting the new bathroom but have to wait until he has completed work on the plumbing. So what is a girl supposed to do in the interim, but have a wee look at the internet and wait.......

What are you doing today?

L x

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Perfumed thoughts.....

{image from here}

Today I am being a guest blogger at Signature Scent and would be very happy if you would pop over and visit me.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter/
Je vous souhaite un très Joyeuses Pâques

L x

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Rouge coco

{image from here}

Love these words "rouge coco" and I love Vanessa Paradis in the latest commercial for the new chanel lipsticks.

Click here to see and hear more. C'est magique......

bisous, L

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